The Best Court Painter...

Beryl here! Just wanted to welcome you all to FINE TIP, a place totally dedicated to me (and approved by TFL too)! I am (or will be) the best court painter ever! UGH! mad I swear my friend convinced me to do this but then they don't even go through with theirs. Probably because everyone is too busy making googly faces at each other. IT ISN'T FAIR! I want a romance too! inlove

Site Note: Okay, I thought it would be fun to set the site up like Beryl's own personal site. I figure since many of us had/have blogs then it would be a fun thing to incorperate. So other than the fanlisting stuff, I've tried my best to stay in character as Beryl. No, I am not affiliated with Beryl in any way, I'm just a fan of hers. All fanlsting info is in the fanlist section. If you need to contact me, you are more than welcome to do so.


I will affiliate with any Tales of or Namco fnalisting. Just drop me a line at with your name, url and email. Thank you.